About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of Quran Day is to observe and spread the peaceful message of the glorious Quran in a harmonious environment, and to share it with Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

What is Quran Day?

Due to the lack of knowledge among the Non-Muslim community about the Quran and its meaning, false ideas and misconceptions have been spread, such as the promotion of violence and hatred towards others mentioned in the Quran. Along with this, the demand for a better understanding of the Quran has increased by non-Muslims and Muslims alike. In order to respond to this increasing demand, an attempt has been made to spread of the awareness of this issue.

It was suggested by the chairman of Al-Muslim on Society of North America to designate a day as “Worldwide Quran Day” in which Muslims around the globe can study and spread the message of the Noble Quran. Quran Day is a day in which Muslims can celebrate the Quran and also spread the true message of the Quran to others.

About QuranDay.org

Quranday.org is an Islamic organization managed by a group of sincere Muslims consisting of scholars, doctors, engineers, researchers, educators, and businessmen. Quranday.org is a peaceful and harmonious movement about preserving the honor and dignity of the Quran, as well as promoting the respect and its peaceful message to all Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

Quranday.org is not part of or associated with any political party or group. Our management strictly believes in brotherhood and mutual respect between the Abrahamic Faiths, as well as other religious communities. Quranday.org welcomes every individual who is agreed with our mission, and we encourage you to be part of our community so that you may carry on this message to others.