Why You Should Donate

Quranday.org has already successfully launched several projects. Among these is the

  1. Free Distribution of Quran English/Spanish along with other introductory books about Quran, Islam, and Muslims throughout the year.
  2. Online campaign about quranday.com Utilizing every possible way of communication to unite on observing Quran Day on first Friday of March each year.
  3. Special distribution of the English/Spanish Quran on (Quran Day) First Friday of March every year.
  4. In addition, we are working on several different Quranic Programs, such as Quran related publications, assisting different centers and mosques for Quran Day celebrations, arranging seminars and workshops about the Quran, and recruiting Quran scholars and speakers.

We would greatly appreciate any donations, and we are most thankful for your help. Please help us in this great cause and lend us a hand in this great mission, May Allah (God Almighty) accept your donation and reward you with paradise. (Aamin)