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We at are a diverse group of scholars, doctors, engineers, researchers, educators, and businessmen that have joined together to carry on this mission and spread the true message of the Quran to others. We welcome you to join us in our mission by carrying out this message to all people of the world, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. You can spread this message into your local community by celebrating the Quran Day on First Friday of March every year with a variety of events related to the Quran and its peaceful message. Help to bring this fortunate opportunity to your neighborhood by joining us now.

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By becoming a member of you may receive our services for free, which may include open houses, free translated Qurans, and other Islamic gifts. You may become a member by signing up at can also help you set up different activities for Quran Day in your local community such as Quran seminars, Quranic recitation competitions, Quranic Arabic Workshops, and more.
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